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March 22, 1924---June 17, 2003
son of John Adam WEAVER &
Ora Mae Allman
HIS Maternal Family
Wow, new cousin!! Was contacted by Pink Smith family!!
(Albert Wade's brother's family!)
Lot's of new family photos and info!

HAYWOOD SMITH -- per 1910 census - Thanks Barbara! Haywood listed as survivor of Confederate Army. Haywood & Maryann resided in Greenville on 2nd St., Woodside Cotton Mill Village - Please see Links page

Also have some new info for John Bart THURSTON ! - See More Below:
(We really need all the help anyone can add on these lines)

Photo of Haywood Smith !! - click on Custom4 page -
Many Thanks to new cousins, Joan Farley and her son Richard who sent this and more new Smith photos.

added page for Emma Smith Oliver
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also updated her page

John Bart maybe married 3 times

It may be possible that our John Bart was married 3 times.

James THOMPSON b. 1820s with wife Sintha/Cyntha b. abt 1820; son, Joel b. abt 1851 and 2 daughters, Sillor/Ursilla b. abt 1852 Yegetta/Uzetta b. abt 1853.

(My ancestor is John Bart THURSTON / THRUSTON of Greenville, SC)
Thanks to a gracious lady who did 1870 SC census look-up for me, new info to explore!
Greenville Co., SC Saluda Twp pg 739 22 June 1870
Thurston, GB 40 M W Farmer SC
Sintha 50 F/W Keep House SC
Sillor 18 F/W at home SC
Yegetta 17 F/W at home SC
Mary 18 F/W at home SC
Wm D M/W at home SC
Eliga 12 M/W at home SC
Jas 9 M/W at home SC
Thos 8 M/W at home SC

GB through Eliga could not read or write - this census was very hard to read a lot of the names that do not make sense was a guess at best.============

We know the last 5 children fit for our Bart and Wyzetta (PRUITT) THURSTON.

I think I found this wife, Sintha and the 2 additional/older girls. The only reason I had this is from over a year ago, somebody sent notes from this 1860 census to my cousin because of the "Yzetta" first name........

"Also, in Merritsville, there was a James Thompson on the 1860 census who had a 7 year old named Yzetta-house #472......"

This from the page of actual census I have tried to decipher:
1860 Greenville Co., census-
Merrittsville Division - 18th Day of July 1860 p.440:
House #472/413: James Thompson 36? m Farmer
Cyntha 40 f Housekeeper
Joel 9 m
?Ursilla 8 f (hard to read)
?Uzetta 7 (first letter??U,Y, or W??)
Next house is William Pruitt family.

Bart THURSTON and his family are on the next page.441 -18th Day of July 1860
485/423: Bart Thruston, 30, Farmer, born SC;
Wzetta (or U or Yzetta or _zella hard to read first letter), 31, housekeeper, born SC;
Mary, 9; William, 7; Eiljah, 5; James, 3; Thomas, 1.
(Note: the 5 children same and in same order (dates off some) as in the 1870 G.B household)

So, now I am thinking that our Bart remarried to this Mrs. Cyntha THOMPSON. Maybe her son, Joel went to live with other relatives. I have been surfing to search for any clues on this Thompson family but no luck yet.
My cousin Kathy talked to our cousin, Frank Owen over the weekend. We had lost touch with him for a while. She said he told her our Wyzette (PRUITT) THURSTON died in childbirth. She was pregnant again after their son Thomas was was born. (Usually about every 2 years) She and this baby died. All this would fit. We didnt know abt this possible second marriage. We know Bart did marry again, (we think abt 1890) to Emmaline MARKHAM DEMPSEY. We had heard before from another cousin that Wyzette died in a house fire.

1880 Greenville Co., SC - Saluda Twp
(John Bart THURSTON was listed as Barton)
Barton 52 SC,SC,SC was living with his son, James and family (my direct).

ALSO, thanks to cousin, Kathy Strickland and Frank Owen
we have new info abt Ruby Thurston's husband,
William Calvin "Witt" Pruitt. Frank said
his dad was Alex Pruitt and he was a cousin.
Also, I talked to 2 of his children.
This Alex Pruitt ran a blacksmith shop and
he was shot and killed abt 1910.
Hope to get more info soon.