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Bur. Reedy River Baptist Ch. Cem. (Thanks Steve Batson)

THURSTON/MAYBIN Family of Greenville, SC & Henderson Co., NC

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JOHN ADAM WEAVER was born March 10, 1867 in LITAKER/CHINA GROVE, NC, and died July 17, 1933 in ROWAN bur.GREENLAWN CEMETERY. He married MARY ALICE BIGHAM September 06, 1894 in ROWAN COUNTY, daughter of JOSEPH BIGHAM and ANNIE LINN. He married 2nd to ORA MAE ALLMAN Abt. 1919, daughter of JOHN ALMON (ALLMAN) and MARTHA HOWELL.

Julius Weaver, son of JOHN WEAVER and MARY BIGHAM


Julius Weaver & Omie Thurston

Probably taken on their wedding day-1927.

Will THURSTON's Obituary

Salisbury Post.

Will's family


Will & Cora SMITH THURSTON's Children

Attend his funeral.

James Marion THURSTON

SC Death Certificate--
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1.LILLIAN LEONA(OMIE) THURSTON, born April 05, 1907 in PELZER, SC; died May 18, 1953 in SAL.bur.ROWAN MEM. PARK. She was the daughter of 2. WILLIAM ELIJAH THURSTON and 3. CORA SMITH. She married (1) JULIUS WILLIAM WEAVER September 11, 1927 in DANVILLE, VA.. He was the son of JOHN ADAM WEAVER and MARY ALICE BIGHAM.
2.WILLIAM ELIJAH THURSTON, born November 04, 1878 in RUTHERFORD CO, NC; died May 14, 1948 in ROWAN CO., NC, bur. PLEASANT GROVE CEM., SC. He was the son of 4. JAMES MARION THURSTON and 5. ZILLA DRUSILLA MAYBIN. He married 3. CORA SMITH Bef. 1900 (est.)
CORA SMITH, born March 16, 1878 in SC, (prob. Wellford, Spartanburg Co. ); died September 16, 1939 in SC, bur. PLEASANT GROVE CEM., NEAR GREER, SC. She was the daughter of 6. HAYWOOD W. SMITH and 7. MARY ANN (ANNIE) BLACKWELL.
4. JAMES MARION THURSTON, born September 10, 1854 in SC or Rutherford Co., NC; died October 12, 1929 in Grnvl Co., SC, bur. FORK SHOALS CH, S.C.. He was the son of 8. JOHN BARTLETT THURSTON , C.S.A. and 9. WYZETTE PRUITT. He married 5. ZILLA DRUSILLA MAYBIN Abt. 1878.
5. ZILLA DRUSILLA MAYBIN, born March 16, 1858 in (?bdate) Rutherford Co., NC; died October 10, 1926 in SC, bur FORK SHOALS CH, SC. She was the daughter of 10. JESSE L. MAYBIN , CSA and 11. Rebecca SOPHRONIA HARGROVE.
6. HAYWOOD W. SMITH, born October 18, 1840 in HAYWOOD, NC "of" Rutherford Co., NC> Spbg & Grnvl Co., SC; died October 01, 1914 in ROSS ST. GREENVILLE, S.C. bur BRANDON CEM. He was the son of 12. "BUD" ( William) SMITH and 13. "MARGARET" (Elizabeth) ___SMITH. He married 7. MARY ANN (ANNIE) BLACKWELL Abt. 1867 in ??.
7. MARY ANN (ANNIE) BLACKWELL, born April 12, 1845 in POLK CO., NC (wasRUTHERFORD Co.)/Aug1845 /3-20-1848; died July 08, 1917 in 300 Barton St., EASLEY, S.C. bur. BRANDON CEM.GRNVL,SC. She was the daughter of 14. William "BILLY" BLACKWELL and 15. Elizabeth "BETSY" SHEHAN.
8. JOHN BARTLETT THURSTON , C.S.A., born December 1830 in Upper SC probably Greenville, SC; died May 01, 1906 in Greenville Co., SC bur. REDDY B.CH GREENVILLE,S.C.. He was the son of 16. ? Thurston. He married 9. WYZETTE PRUITT Abt. 1850.
9. WYZETTE PRUITT, born in from Pruitt Mt., ? Dark Corners, SC; died ?? She was the daughter of 18.?_ PRUITT.
10. JESSE L. MAYBIN , CSA, born April 05, 1829 in " OF " GREEN RIVER, HENDERSON CO., NC; died March 28, 1872 in bur. Maybin Family Cemetery (see notes for Matthew). He was the son of 20. WILLAM MAYBIN and 21. MRS ?LEAH MAYBIN. He married 11. Rebecca SOPHRONIA HARGROVE Abt. 1857.
11. Rebecca SOPHRONIA HARGROVE, born 1837 in SC "of" (Pruitt Mt.) & Green River, Henderson Co., NC; died Bet. 1917 - 1920 in possibly bur Lima Baptist Church Cem.. She was the daughter of 22. Wiley Hargrove and 23. Nancy MORRIS.
12. "BUD" ( William) SMITH, born Abt. 1800 in ?Haywood Co., NC "of" (Rutherford Co., NC >) DARK CORNERS. He married 13. "MARGARET" (Elizabeth) ___SMITH Bef. 1832.
13. "MARGARET" (Elizabeth) ___SMITH, born Abt. 1805 in "of" (Rutherford Co., NC then) ???DARK CORNERS; died in Possibly same as Betsy Byars m. Nov 13, 1827 Rutherford.
14. William "BILLY" BLACKWELL, born Abt. 1808 in NC (or IRELAND) "of" Rutherford Co., NC. He married 15. Elizabeth "BETSY" SHEHAN Bef. 1838.
15. Elizabeth "BETSY" SHEHAN, born Abt. 1820 in (per 1850 Rutherford census) SC (per dau.s Death cert).
See http://tim-pat.00server.com/Maybin.html for more of Omie's ancestors...

SC Death Certifcate
(wife of James M.THURSTON)
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Bigham, Weaver, Hargrove, Maybin, Thurston, Blackwell, Smith, Shehan