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More Ancestor List

Are we related? Is your great-grandfather our mother's cousin's grandma's nephew once removed? There's only one way to find out . . . . In this surname list:

Surnames in 3 generations of Descendants of Haywood Smith & Annie Blackwell - Greenville, SC
Alman,Beck,Birzik,Blackwell, Brady,Coleman,Darnell, Davis, Galloway, Gibson, Gillespie, Gowans, Gregory, Hartswell, Herd, Howard, Jenkins, Kyles, Lepard, Luther, McCall, Neal, Nix, Olliver, Owens, Posey, Reno, Rigdon,Smith, Swift, Solesbee, Tabor, Tallent, Taylor, Thurston, Turner, Weaver, Williams

About the Family Roots

The Smith side of the family....we both have Smith lines.
HERS from NC to Spartanburg, SC to Greenville, SC.

HIS lived in Martinsville, VA. mostly.